John & Cindy

Dear Chuck, thank you again for your help and professionalism as our Realtor. With such a distressed market I had first looked into a rental agent as I thought there was no way we could ever get our home sold but then my wife’s friend told us about Chuck Klein. Chuck, all your advice paid off; from roof to floor every suggestion was followed to the letter because you obviously have been down this road many times before and knew exactly what needed done to help attract a qualified buyer. I liked the way you put it about taking a weekend and just tearing into it all and getting it done but as you know we had more to do than that but it all came together and made for a really great home to show. Then came the buyer and the inspections and my nerves but you answered my calls and my fears with your knowledge of the process as a whole. Your knowledge and wisdom was so valuable during this process and without it I doubt we would have never sold our home at all let alone in such a short time. I appreciate that the home is a “dramatically unique” property as you called it but still that calls for a unique buyer and we found not one but two such buyers in this distressed market in less than fifty days and we closed in less than 30 days after we found our buyer. Chuck, we could not have sold our home without you and I am so glad I listened to all your suggestions and heeded them. You are a professional and a very dignified individual that knows how to handle the tough situations with excellence. Chuck, from the bottom of our hearts we thank you for all the work you did to help us sell our home in one of the hardest times California has seen in decades. Without your knowledge, professionalism and your good council our home would still be languishing on the market like so many others that were for sale before we started this process and are still for sale as we packed up and waved goodbye.

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