Trouble With Whole House Fans

Chuck Klein March 12, 2018

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  1. I can’t imagine contractors installing things that would potentially damage the overall structure of your house…That’s ridiculous….Something to be aware of as we’ve talked about installing one. Thanks for the info.

    1. Hey Ed, thanks for getting back, I’ve seen it several times. Thinking you’re doing a good thing, but in this most recent cans cost towards a thousand dollars and only patched the problem. The roof is stabilized but cosmetic problems remain.

  2. I was a little disappointed in the truss video. The sticks representing the walls were held in place by nails near the bottom (as they should be), but they were also held (pushed in) by nails near the tops. Real walls are only supported at the bottoms, where they are attached to the foundation; at the top, the walls are supported ONLY by the trusses and interior walls. In a better model/description, it would have been clear that without the tension provided by the bottom member of the truss, pushing down on the top of the truss will push OUT on the walls, distorting them.