How to sell your home in 18 months

Chuck Klein October 16, 2018

Early in 2020, we’re going to be selling our current home and then move back to Gold River to a home we own there. As I started to plan for the move I thought it would be helpful to create a timeline of the necessary events leading up to the move. What I ended up with is an eighteen-month countdown on a spreadsheet. As it develops, I’ll share it on my website as a monthly blog.

This whole thesis will have three areas of focus.

1. Wanting to prepare our home for the market to a condition where we’ll get maximum price possible.

2. I don’t want to be one of those people that say, ‘I wish I had done that fix up earlier so I could enjoy it.’

3. And not say after the move, ‘we find ourselves throwing things away as we unpack.’

If you think this may be useful to you, go for it. One thing to remember, some of the items I’ll be discussing are seasonal so you may need to adjust the sequence to allow for planting seasons and the availability of plants.

So in September, I overseeded the lawn and applied winterizer fertilizer. Some bushes needed trimming. We’ve been identifying projects to add to the spreadsheet and to finish before we put it on the market. Also, a purge is in order, once a quarter. We don’t want to move things and then throw them away.

In October we’re doing any last minute exterior paint touch up as preventative maintenance for dry rot. Also outside do a minor tree and bush trimming. Trimming often eliminates any shrubs developing bald areas. Get the gutters cleaned and the roof cleaned of debris. Also doing our first purge.

Click here to get your copy of the active spreadsheet that you can customize for your move.  PC   MAC

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  1. I would fix up the previous home first
    So it is move in ready. Should be
    Handi-cap safe. Move furniture you
    Want to keep there. Purge kitchen items
    Buy new for baths. Then move personal items & sell or give away the rest. Then
    Go over present home, make repairs &
    Kiss it goodby.

  2. Rarly on I eould have a full home inspection and pest inspection. These will help you create a to-do list of home maintenance items to complete prior to selling. It will also give you an independent eye on your home You will know what need paint, roof condition etc. I think this should point you in the right direction. Stephanie